ow via Chrome on PC, Mac and Linux

 We look at ways to use the GeForce Now service through the browser.

Although we don’t need anything other than a web browser to run Google’s Service stadia, the process is different in GeForce Now. NVIDIA wants us to install a custom application of the service on Windows and Mac. However, we recently heard that the GeForce Now game streaming service is coming to ChromeOS. Thus, a door was opened for the service to run through Chrome.

In short, by mimicking your browser as an official Google tool, you can use GeForce Now directly on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine via Chrome. And for that, you don’t need anything but an extension.

Using GeForce Now Through Chrome

We need to download the official “User-Agent Switcher for Chrome” tool that Google originally offered for Chrome. This tool allows us to believe that we are browsing the GeForce Now website from a Chromebook.

Once installed, locate the plug-in in Chrome’s extension menu, click the ellipsis icon to its right, and then go to options.

Create a new user from the” New User-agent name ” section here. For example, you can call it GeForce Now or Chrome OS.
Then enter the following text in the” Agent String ” section:
“Mozilla/5.0 (X11; CrOS AArch64 13099.85.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/84.0.4147.110 Safari / 537.36″
Leave the Append section as “Replace”. You can enter a short text to indicate this entry in the Indicator flag.

Let’s go to the “Permanent Spoof” section to make this process available only on the NVIDIA GeForce Now site. Where” Domain “section “play.geforcenow.com” add the address and replace the” User-Agent String ” section with the entry we just created.

After all play.geforcenow.com you can go to his address. When you visit here, you must experience the same experience that is available on Chrome OS. As soon as you log in, you’ll be able to play all your games in Google Chrome. You can also do this in any different Chromium-based browser, such as Vivaldi or Microsoft Edge. Although these steps have not yet been tested on Linux, they are likely to work. You can also comment on your experiences on this topic.

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