which graphics card fits my pc

 Before buying a new graphics card, make sure it is compatible with your motherboard. When buying, make sure that you do not buy components that do not fit together or exceed the case size.

Which graphics card fits my PC?

Before you think about the compatibility of motherboard and graphics card, several points must be met. The correct connection with sufficient power supply must be available.

PCIe 3.0 graphics cards can be used on a motherboard with PCIe 2.0 or 2.1 slots.
Depending on the size of the PCI Express of your graphics card, you need a corresponding free Slot on the motherboard.

Check the size of your graphics card. The dimensions must not exceed the free space in the housing, otherwise you cannot close your Tower.

The form factor of your motherboard plays an important role in the decision. Starting with the ATX factor, even large graphics cards fit on your motherboard.
When connecting, make sure not to block other fans. This could lead to a significant temperature increase.

Which graphics card fits my pc, How much Watt does your graphics card use?

The installed power supply must have enough connections and also provide the required performance. It should not be measured with the available energy, but always up to 100 watts of leeway available.

The easiest way to find out about compatibility is through an online PC configurator. Tell him the installed components and you will get a clear answer, which graphics card fits into your computer.


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