Create user accounts in Linux Mint

 If several people share a Linux Mint computer, each user should get their own user account. How to set up a new account in Linux Mint is shown here.

Under Linux Mint, creating a new user account is done quickly. First open the Start menu of Linux Mint. Now click on “system management”. In the right column, select “users and groups” and legitimize yourself as an Administrator. After clicking on “Add” enter the full name and the desired user name.

You only need to change the” account type”, which is” default ” in the default setting, if the new user is to have administrator rights. Click on ” Add ” to set up the user account on Linux Mint.

Select the new user from the list on the left. Then click “no password set” to set the password. The password must be at least eight digits long. Enter the password twice and confirm entry with “Change”.

If you also want to customize the photo associated with this Linux user account, click on the placeholder image. Then, select one of the offered symbols. However, if you want to use a graphic file, click on “search for more images”at the bottom. Switch to the folder where the file is stored and select the desired image.

Power tip: Linux Mint – like almost all other operating systems-supports guest access. The corresponding setting, namely “allow guest sessions”, can be found in the dialog “login window” under “Users”.

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