Linux Mint: accessing other network shares

 Within the home network, you can access the shared folders of other computers from the Linux Mint PC. Here you will find a simple guide.

Once the Linux Mint machine is integrated into your own network, you can easily access shared folders in the network. Whether these are Windows, Mac OS or NAS shares, does not matter in practice.

Open the file manager on your Linux machine. Click “Network”in the left column. After a short wait, all existing Macs, NAS systems and servers on your Network are displayed. In addition, you can also see the folder “Windows network”. After a double click on this icon you will get to the list of all Windows devices. To access a certain share, first click on the Computer, then on the desired directory.

Before you see the contents of the shared folder, you must first identify yourself as an authorized user. Do not forget: to log in, you must use a user account that is set up on the Windows PC. Enter the username and password, you do not need to change the “domain” called “Workgroup”. You have to decide for yourself whether the access data should be stored. A good compromise between comfort and security is the option “Forgot password only when logging out”. After clicking on the “Connect” button, you have access to the shared files from your Linux machine.

did yout Create user accounts in Linux Mint klik here!

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