Linux Mint: create Backup with mintBackup

 Linux Mint is available in six different variants. In this article, we will show you how to find the optimal Linux Mint Distribution.

Finding the right Linux Mint Distribution is actually very easy. Even if you don’t know Linux very well or at all.

First, you have to decide whether you want to install the 32 – or 64-Bit Version. Since almost all current computers use a 64-Bit processor, it is recommended in many cases to install the 64-Bit version of Linux Mint.

If you do not know which processor was installed in your computer, find out: on Windows 10, click on “Start –” Settings –” System” and then go to “Info”in the left column. Scroll down a little to take a look at the “device specifications”. Next to” System Type “is listed whether there is an” x64-based processor ” in your computer.

After that, you need to consider which your preferred Desktop is cleared. You can choose from Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce. If you are working with Linux for the first time, you should select the Cinnamon Desktop. The Cinnamon Desktop is perfect for beginners. Mate and Xfce, on the other hand, are aimed at users who have already used Linux and have some experience.

Downloading Linux Mint is easy: open the Web page and click on “Download” at the top and then select the preferred Desktop variant and the desired Bit Version under “download links”.

After that, a new page opens, where you will be offered various servers for downloading Linux Mint. It is best to download the ISO file from a Server located nearby, for example from a Server located in Germany. The closer the Server is to your location, the faster the Download.

Then save the almost 2 GB ISO file on the computer as usual. Then put the ISO file on a DVD or USB Stick and use Mint as a Live System or install it on your computer.

What is mintBackup ?

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