LG builds 163 inch screens from Micro LED panels

 The Magnit system consists of Micro-LED tiles and can be extended as desired. In addition  LG is launching a Micro-LED screen that consists of several panels. The LG Magnit can thus be put together into an arbitrarily large canvas-with restrictions. The manufacturer specifies a maximum diagonal of 163 inches and a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels displayed on it, if the matching wall mounting system is used. Theoretically, however, much larger display areas are possible. LG is clearly marketing the Hardware for the luxury sector or as a digital Signage Display for business customers.

The panels each measure 600 x 337 X 44.9 mm. the individual pixels have a distance of 0.93 mm, which means a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. The 7 kg tiles light up with a maximum of 600 cd / m2. The System also supports HDR with a maximum temporary brightness of 1,200 cd/m2. The contrast ratio should be 150,000: 1.

Coatings are applied to the panels to protect the electronics from external influences. LG provides protection against water droplets, dust, electrostatic charge and shocks. In Standby mode, a tile should require 3 watts of power.

Stacked Tiles

The individual panels are pushed together with a special plug-in system. This should work without additional cables or screws. Each of the elements uses a male and a female connector, which are plugged into each other. The edge between the panels with a back made of aluminum should be barely visible.

Common for such high-priced and special products: the price of Magnit cannot be viewed publicly. A purchase request is processed via the product page. Samsung’s Micro-LED System the Wall costs 450,000 euros and measures 146 inches. It is likely that LGs tiles are also in this price range.

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