Evo Ultrabooks only available with Windows 10

 Intel sets minimum specifications for equipment and runtime of Tiger Lake Ultrabooks, but Linux remains out of the question.

 Parallel to the Tiger Lake processors, Intel has also introduced the Evo platform alias Project Athena 2.0: this program is intended to ensure that Ultrabooks achieve certain battery life and have a minimum equipment.

In order for a Partner to be allowed to stick an Evo Badge with the redesigned Intel Logo on its Ultrabook, the following requirements must be met, among other things:

Device with 12 to 15, x inches
Maximum height may be 15 mm
Tiger Lake Chip as i7 or i5 Version
no dedicated graphics unit
8 GByte memory in Dualchannel operation
NVMe SSD has 256 GByte capacity
Touch display with 1080p and 250 cd / m2 brightness
Wi-Fi6 (802.11 ax), Bluetooth 5, and Thunderbolt 4
Dual-microphone Array with specific requirements
Language assistant with Wake-on-Voice
1080p / 720p front camera with 30 Fps
Standby wake up in under one second
Battery life of 9 hours
Fast charging (4 hours in 30 minutes)

In addition, Intel has created an extensive test catalog with 25 applications instead of 15 that must be used to test the respective Ultrabook. This includes web browsers such as Chrome, but also Streaming services such as Youtube, productive Software such as Google’s G-Suite or Microsoft’s Outlook, various “Constant Companions”Apps such as Office 365, Spotify, Slack or Twitter and Zoom.

OEM partners and Laptop manufacturers that Intel works with for this purpose will continue to implement the requirement only for Windows 10, because Linux devices are not intended for testing and sales.

Phoronix received the clear no to the Linux Evo Ultrabooks at the request of Intel. Above all, the associated changes and improvements to the Firmware for a longer runtime are probably not directly supported for the free System. This Problem has existed for years and apparently has not changed – and that, although with Dell and HP and Lenovo the largest manufacturers have long Laptops with Linux in the program.

The first Evo Ultrabooks will be the Acer Swift 3/5 (SF313-53 / SF514-55), the Dell XPS 13 as well as the Dell XPS 13 Convertible and the MSI Prestige 14 Evo

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