Xbox series s will be released on November

 After a series of Leaks, Microsoft has released the launch date for the Xbox series S – after the existence and price of the console.

Whether they at Microsoft imagined the day even approximately so? After several Leaks Microsoft presented the Xbox series s and the price on September 8, 2020. In the evening, the release date was also communicated: on November 10, the console will be available. 

The date can be seen in the embedded Trailer, which is about the Xbox series S. Thus, the date actually only applies to the cheaper of the two consoles. However, it seems hard to imagine that the more powerful Xbox series X will hit the market at another time.

The US magazine Windows Central reports without mentioning the sources that both devices will be released on 10 November 2020. It should be noted, however, that the date could officially only apply to the USA – but the scheduling for Europe is unlikely to look too different.

The Xbox series s will cost around 300 euros. The price for the more powerful X is not yet known. This is a bit more critical because Sony might be tempted to undercut it with one of the two versions of the Playstation 5. In the case of the S-Xbox, this should also not succeed with the drive-free digital Edition of the PS5.

The exact specifications of the Xbox series S are not yet available. What is clear above all is that no drive is installed, and that the NVMe SSD has a size of 512 GByte. If you need more space, you can access external SSDs, which are connected via a proprietary interface and then should be as fast as the internal mass storage. The Xbox series x NVMe SSD provides 1 TByte of data.

Microsoft has also announced that the S will offer a frame rate of 120 fps at a resolution of 1440p (2,560 x 1,440 pixels). In addition, the Trailer states that the S should master “4K Streaming media Playback” (i.e. video images) and “4K Upscaling for games”. The latter should mean that the console calculates games at a lower resolution and scales up the result to 4K monitors

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