Photoshop alternative for ubuntu

Photoshop alternative for ubuntu

Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software since it was released by Adobe in 1990. It has thousands of features and is the most used software by designers. It was written in C ++ and Pascal languages. Although some versions of it work with Wine Emulator on Linux but it does not give very good performance. This is why we list alternative programs for Photoshop that run on Linux.

Here Are The Best Alternative Photoshop programs for Linux;


GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is the most popular visual editing program running on Linux. A free and open source image editing program created with advanced tools for graphic designs, graphic drawings, photography and creative scientists. GIMP can also run on Windows operating systems.

It offers almost all the features Photoshop provides in its content. There are even themes that make GIMP look like Photoshop.

GIMP installation;


sudo apt install gimp

Centos/Red Hat

yum install gimp


sudo dnf install gimp


cd /usr/ports/graphics/gimp
make install clean

2. Krita

Krita is a free, cross-platform and open source image application for anyone to create digital images in a professional format.

Krita started out as KImageShop, an initiative by members of the KDE desktop project who chose to develop an application in the KOffice suite family . It later evolved into Krita, which also supported GIMP libraries under the name Krita.

Krita also runs on Windows, Linux and OS X.

Krita Installation;


dnf install krita


apt install krita

Arch Linux

pacman -S krita


cd /usr/ports/graphics/krita
make install clean

3. Darktable

Darktable is a visual editing program allows you to professionally deal with digital files, including negative and raw images.

It offers almost all of the special filtering tools available in Photoshop.

Darktable is found in official repos of many Linux distributions. You need to activate the epel repo for Centos and Red Hat.

Darktable Installation;


sudo apt-get install darktable


dnf install darktable

Arch Linux

pacman -S darktable


yum install epel-release


pkg install graphics/darktable

4. Photopea

Photopea is actually a website that offers online photo and visual editing tool, not a program. photopea a platform where you can edit your photos, images and images via the address.

5. digiKam

digiKAM is a free and open source photo management application with integrated features that provides basic image editing.

digiKam allows users to process batch photos that they can import and export, edit using tags, and edit metadata.

digiKAM Installation;


apt-get install digikam

Arch Linux

pacman -Sy digikam


dnf install digikam


cd /usr/ports/graphics/digikam/
make install clean

6. CinePaint

CinePaint is an open source and free image retouching tool that supports high color quality. It also supports high-quality image file formats such as TIFF and OpenEXR, and traditional formats such as JPEG and PNG. klik here to Cinepaint

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