Microsoft Releases 3 New Videos Showing Advantages Of Surface Duo

 Technology giant Microsoft has released 3 new videos in recent weeks showing the advantages offered by the Surface duo it has introduced. The videos showed the amenities offered by the Surface duo.

About 2 weeks ago, technology giant Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Surface duo, which did not fall off the agenda for a long time and was much different from its previous products. Microsoft’s chances in this direction, which did not reach the point it wanted in mobile products, were reversed according to the response.

Microsoft’s mobile device had two screens connected to each other by hinges. Each of these screens was 5.6 inches in size and a resolution of 1,800 x 1,350 pixels. Having seen the unusual design of the Surface duo and the possibilities of this design, users have started pre-ordering the Surface duo at this time. However, Microsoft released 3 more new videos before the Surface Duo began to be delivered.

All three videos released by Microsoft showed the advantage of having two separate screens. The first video released by the company shows that different apps can be run on both screens of the device. The second video highlights how easy it is to copy text between two screens

Again, the third video, which highlights the advantages offered by the dual screen, showed how easy it will be to take notes when you are in a meeting or watching anything. However, when the device is turned sideways, the application layout also changes direction fluently.

The two screens of Microsoft’s new Android device will offer users huge benefits indeed. The Surface Duo, which has a structure like a thin notebook, will significantly improve the efficiency of people, especially those who are constantly on the move. Microsoft’s new product will begin delivery from September 10.

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