Install packages on debian

 We can install a DEB package downloaded from Intenet to Debian using a tool called Gdebi. however, this program is not practical to install packages on debian, because it does not install dependencies and it can also cause some problems because it has the ability to set up the package without setting up the package dependency.

This is why it is more convenient to install DEB packages using the console.

To install deb packages on debian first, open the terminal here I assume you downloaded the DEB package to the Downloads directory. but if you have downloaded to another directory, use the name of that directory instead.

The package installation command is as follows:

sudo dpkg-i /home/username/downloads/package name

For example, I downloaded the Google chrome DEB package from the internet and i entered the following command on my own computer.

sudo dpkg-i /home/techsner/downloads/google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

and the DEB package just installed on my computer. if there is a missing depency here, we can get an error message. but when we enter the command below the terminal, it will load the missing dependencies and most likely the package will be installed without any problems and ready for use.

sudo apt-get install-f

So we’ve done all this from the Linux console. This allowed us to install a program seamlessly on our computer using only two console commands

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