How to install nordvpn ubuntu

NordVpn is one of the leading vpn providers in the world. If you want to use NordVPN on the Linux operating system, you are in the right place. Just read this article called How to install nordvpn ubuntu. In this article we will address how to install the official NordVPN client on the ubuntu operating system

How to install nordvpn ubuntu

Click on the link below and go to the NordVPN offical site.

After going to the site, click the download deb button, at the top left of the screen.

Go to the directory where you downloaded the DEB file and right-click on any field in this window and click open terminal window here

Now enter the following command in the terminal.

sudo dpkg -i filename.deb

you will be prompted for your root password. Type your Root password and the installation will begin.

After the installation is finished, enter the following commands, respectively, in the terminal window

sudo apt update  
sudo apt upgrade  

Finally, enter the following command.

sudo apt-get install nordvpn

Nordvpn is now installed on your system. In the next step, you must login to NordVPN by typing the following command.

nordvpn login

You will be asked for your username and password on your NordVPN account.. enter it, and connect to a server using the following command

nordvpn connect

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