Beautiful Games You Can Play On Your Old Computer

 There are games that set Standards in their respective times, gave a Genre new impulses and thus shaped the generation of gamblers sustainably. Games that we still like to remember even after years and which we pull radiantly from the shelf, when it is just once again a playful drought period to survive. To list them all would clearly go beyond the scope of this article. we dedicate a short portrait to the most important game pearls and explain to you why these Games were able to secure an eternal place in the Hall of Fame.

Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit

The birth of Need for Speed dates back to 1994, but the final breakthrough came four years later with NFS 3: Hot Pursuit. Electronic Arts came up with the ingenious idea of transferring the robber and gendarme principle to their racing game series. The players could not only get behind the wheel of sinfully expensive luxury cars and thus deliver thrilling car chases with the law officers, but also drive themselves patrol. Since the speed sinners do not volunteer, the Cops resort to cool Gadgets. Crow’s feet cause the tires to burst and roadblocks close the last escape possibilities. With friends over LAN or Splitscreen a lot of fun!

On a collision course with the law officers: even speeders can push the Cops off the road. Destroyed patrol cars go up in flames.Pursuit Mode. At Need For Speed 3, the overall package is just right. Start with the varied racing courses over the pretty graphics up to the incredibly authentic Tempo Feeling. Even the animated menus are full of Details. Every track and every car is appreciated by an Audio commentary. In addition, there is the cool electric music, which pushes its own pulse upwards in the races. Hot Pursuit owes its excellent reputation also to the work of many Fans. They supplied the Arcade Racer with fresh vehicles. Over time, a real Mod Community developed, which offered countless extensions on Fansites for Download.


Packshot star craft for a long time was Command & Conquer as the Messiah of strategy games. Until Blizzard Entertainment redefined the role distribution with their sci-Fi epic StarCraft. StarCraft was an outstanding and important game in almost every respect. The snowstorms have not only managed to perfectly balance the three playable races Zerg, Terraner and Protoss. They also told a gripping and twisty story about betrayal and death. In addition, Blizzard managed, like no other developer before, to inspire many gamers for the multiplayer mode. At a time when broadband connections were gradually spreading, StarCraft provided the perfect Multiplayer experience. In the contact point hobby strategists agreed to the neat game 1on1, 2on2, 3ON3 or 4on4.

The dreaded 10-minute survival Mission: the alien Zerg flock to the main Terran base. Only with many manned bunkers can the attack be fended off.Source: BlizzardIn the eSports scene, StarCraft has been a mainstay since its release and is only slowly being replaced by its successor, released in 2010. However, the success of the strategy title is also based on the powerful scenario editor, with which Fans could quickly create their own maps and campaigns. Some talented users even created small modifications that included fresh units and buildings or completely turned the Gameplay around. But there was one point of criticism: the graphics. 256 colors and a resolution of 640×480 pixels did not knock anyone off their feet even in 1998. After all, the game runs pleasantly smoothly even on ancient machines. The bottom line is that StarCraft has not become more or less a Gesamtkunstwerk, with which future genre representatives first had to measure themselves.


First think, then act. The surprise hit of the exciting Pyro Studios is based on this motto. Commandos promotes tactical solutions and punishes Rambos with the Game Over lettering. The player leads a team of six specialists in over twenty missions deep behind enemy lines. You are always outnumbered, the classic David-gegen-Goliath principle comes into play. A complicated Situation that requires precise planning of the procedure. Each character has a different equipment and individual skills. Leader Green Beret, for example, can kill enemies with a knife relatively noiselessly. In addition, only he is able to climb steep walls. In an emergency, he resorts to his good old gun and shoots one or two soldiers over the pile.

A scene from the strategy game Commandos: guards patrol the streets. In the vehicle, however, the specialists remain undetected. It’s time to strike!

The spy, on the other hand, is a master of cunning and deception. He can put on uniforms of fallen opponents and thus pass through heavily guarded areas without further ado. Terrific: in cooperation with the other specialists, there are countless tactical possibilities. Clever players, for example, attract the attention of a guard with the spy and fall into the base with other characters in the back. However, as simple as in this example, it is rarely done. In the further course of the game, the stakes develop into real hell trips, which require the highest concentration and nimble fingers. So in later missions you had to coordinate four or more actions at the same time – during a tight time window, of course. No game for wimps, but the Packshot already suggests that.

Anno 1602

It did not seem promising to compete against two such overpowering competitors, “the settlers” and “Civilization”. Both titles saw off top ratings in the trade press and gathered a huge fan base around them. The Austrians of Max Design only had the opportunity to find their own niche for their work Anno 1602 in order to assert themselves against the competition. Fortunately, the venture had paid off. Anno 1602 became a real sales hit. According to the publisher Sunflowers, more than 2.2 million copies were sold.

At the beginning only a merchant ship is available. With the fully loaded barge it goes on the search for a suitable island for a settlement. Once you have found your new home, it is time to establish a well-functioning economy. With the construction of lumberjack huts, fishermen and stonemasons, a continuous mining of naturally occurring resources is ensured. The goods obtained can later be worked on in butchers, tailors and Toolsmiths, among others. This is also absolutely necessary, because the population cries with increasing number of inhabitants for better food and higher luxury. Now, as a rule, not all needs can be satisfied, as there are not all raw materials on the island. Thus, trade relations with other peoples must be established and new countries colonized – if necessary by force. The Battle part, however, occupies a comparatively small place.

The addictive game concept of Anno 1602 has lost nothing of its incomparable charm and inspires again and again. It is therefore not particularly surprising that this timeless classic finds itself in our leaderboard. You can read everything about the history of the Anno series in our detailed Special.


for years Epic Games (then Epic Megagames) reached for the stars, but only with their groundbreaking first-person Shooter Unreal they took the decisive hurdle and entered the annals of computer game history. The technology behind the game was simply impressive at the time. Extensive outdoor areas, detailed textures and realistic light and shadow effects. Soon other developers became aware of the Unreal Engine and licensed it for their own projects. Examples include Deus Ex and Rune. What others liked about the Epics graphics framework was the fact that with the comparatively easy-to-use Editor you could quickly achieve brilliant results.

Unreal put the graphical Benchmark quite a bit. Not even Half-Life conjured such brilliant effects and textures on the screen.

Fortunately, Unreal also had a nice core. Although one cannot sing hymns of praise to the story about a survivor of a broken prison cruiser, the rather long playing time of around 20 to 30 hours is comforting. The player gets to face many different places on his journey on the alien planet Na Pali. The immense Palette stands out from every travel brochure: flooded temples, huge factories, and gigantic castles. Nothing that does not exist in Unreal.

The same applies to the arsenal of weapons, which consists of pretty crazy booms (keyword: Flak Gun

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