Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: sign PDFs – with your own handwriting

 The Adobe Reader DC offers functionally only the bare essentials: much more than opening PDF documents. The provider certainly wants to push the paid version of the application, which is more versatile. However, the free DC version can sign the PDF files. This allows you to add annotations to documents, but especially your signature. If you don’t have a scanner still you can sign with as precise mouse movements

Adobe Acrobat Reader: sign PDFs

Launch Adobe Reader and use Ctrl-O to open a PDF file that you want to sign. At the top of the menu bar, select “Sign > fill and sign”. Then an additional bar is visible, select the “sign” button in it. A menu will pop up where you go to “add signature”. In the window that opens, click on “image”in the upper right corner. In the”Select Image” Dialog, select an image file that contains your signature and load it with “open”. To access such an image file, write your first and last name on a sheet of paper and scan it. If the (Touch)Display of your scanner or multifunction device asks whether you want to save the Scan as an image or PDF file, you decide on an image format;

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC does not accept PDFs for signatures in the Dialog mentioned. The application will show you a preview of the imported graphic. Confirm with “Apply”. Now your signature appears in the place of your mouse pointer.

Move the mouse to the desired location in the document where you want to insert your signature; you may scroll to do so. Click to place your name. Finally, press Ctrl-S, Select “Select Other folder”, such as the Desktop and”save”.

Adobe Reader: Handwritten Notes

If you don’t have a Scanner, scribble handwritten notes in Adobe Reader DC: download a PDF document and select “Sign > fill and sign > sign > add signature > draw”. Now put your signature in the White input field with the left mouse button pressed. Click on “Remove” to discard the result and start again.

If you like the result, go to”apply”. Now move the mouse pointer to the desired location in the document: Click, your signature is inserted there. At the end, use Ctrl-S to save and click on “select Other folder”. In the Save As Dialog that opens, you specify the destination path and file name and close with “Save”.

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