Dogecoin will close


 An announcement on the DogeChain website marks the end of the main service in the Dogecoin community. This site has become a major part of storing, sending and receiving Dogecoin in recent years. Forum is more than a DOGE wallet; It is a biological part of Dogecoin. DogeChain itself runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and is powered by Polygon (MATIC).

Not only that, this platform also offers Layer-2 (L2) measurement solutions. Therefore, this type of setup allows for fast and cheap operations. Not only that, this wallet can also expand access to NFTs, online gaming, and DeFi services to Dogecoin users.

Meanwhile, DogeChain urges all users to transfer their assets as soon as possible to avoid losses. "Make sure to transfer your DOGE data to DogeChain (only . news!) before June 1. If you continue to use this address, also keep a copy of your private key. This allows you to reverse payments sent or received in error in the future. ” Mishaboar, Dogecoin Project

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