Linux Mint: finding the right Distribution

 Linux Mint already has a Backup application on board with the “backup tool” function. With the so-called mintBackup, you can back up your data easily and quickly under Linux.

MintBackup (“backup tool”), an in-house development of Linux Mint, saves all files in the home directory. This allows the backup Tool for Linux to run without root privileges. The backup tool is kept very simple, it only offers the “Restore” and “back up now”options. If you value many functions, you will be disappointed. As a graphical Tar Front End, mintBackup is a useful help. When backing up, it copies all specified folders and files with path, timestamp, and rights to a Tar archive.

After starting mintBackup, just click on “Save now” and then select the desired destination directory. The default destination is called ” backups “and means the Home folder”~/Documents/ backups”.

In an emergency, however, this location is rather suboptimal. It is advisable if you use the Drop-down field to navigate to a destination path on another disk. You can also select a network Share via” other”. To do this, search the Mount folder under “/run/user/[1000]/gvfs” under “computer”. A directory deviating from the default destination does not remember mintBackup permanently. Default always remains “~ / documents / backups”.

With the entered destination folder, you can select the files with “before”. If you want mintBackup to back up the entire home directory, go to “include directories”. Mark everything with Ctrl-A and click “Open”. MintBackup takes over this setting so that you do not have to repeat it later. With a click on “apply” the Backup starts. The result is a Tar archive with date and time stamp.

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