How to show fps in windows 10

 In the Windows 10 operating system, there are many different ways to show FPS. In this article called, How to show fps in windows 10, we will show different ways of doing this. We will introduce 6 different programs you needed.

How to show fps in windows 10, Bandicam Screen Recorder:

Bandicam Screen Recorder, which is actually a screen recording program, has been used by a division of content producers for many years. Bandicam, which also contains settings specific to recording games, has a plugin that allows you to see FPS even if you don’t get a record. It is worth reminding that the color of the FPS counter is Yesil when recording is off and red when recording is on.

How to show fps in windows 10, Fraps:

Preferred by content producers and gamers for many years, such as Bandicam, Fraps is one of the oldest applications in this field. Although the screen recording feature is limited in the free version, you can use the app’S FPS display setting for free and unlimited.

How to show fps in windows 10, GeForce Experience:

Developed by Nvidia for its customers, GeForce Experience is an important application for people using NVIDIA graphics cards. GeForce Experience comes with many options such as driver update, game optimization, screen recording, and FPS display. In addition, with the ShadowPlay feature included in the application, it is possible to receive and share recordings instantly.

How to show fps in windows 10, RadeonPro:

Radeonpro, the type of Nvidia GeForce Experience on the AMD front, is almost identical to the GeForce Experience in terms of features. In addition to showing FPS, RadeonPro also offers the option to add post-recording effects to images.

How to show fps in windows 10, Razer Cortex:

Cortex is developed by Razer for game and system optimization, automatically closes applications running in the background, allowing users to play games with full performance. You don’t need to use any Razer product to use cortex, which also has a customizable FPS counter.

How to show fps in windows 10, Dxtory:

Dxtory, which has almost the same function as Fraps and Bandicam and was developed by ExKode, is one of the simplest applications to choose for users who only want an FPS counter. Dxtory also offers some options to customize the FPS counter contained in it.

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