Facebook Gets Instagram Like Store Feature

 Facebook is bringing its shopping feature on Instagram to its main app. Now you will be able to view and buy your favorite products through Facebook.

Facebook, which has managed to make online shopping part of Instagram, now plans to add a shopping feature to its main app. As of today, Facebook, which has launched a new testing program in the United States, has added a Store tab to its mobile app.

As you know, Facebook allows users to view, buy, or save products for later purchase with the store feature it adds to Instagram. Along with the test in question, these features will also be added to Facebook’s main app.

This is how the Facebook Store tab will look

Facebook Facebook Facebook store basically offers similar features to Instagram’s shopping feature.

In the Facebook store, which is still under testing, users will be able to communicate with sellers via Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram DM. Therefore, Facebook will provide active communication between sellers and buyers.

Facebook continues to test the store feature in its main app, while improving the shopping feature on Instagram. According to the company, the Instagram Checkout feature, which allows sellers on Instagram to complete their payment transactions again through the Instagram app, will soon be available to all sellers who meet the necessary legal requirements in the United States. As for the availability of the feature by sellers in Turkey, there is currently no explanation.

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